Package net.sf.jniinchi

Class Summary
JniInchiAtom Encapsulates properties of InChI Atom.
JniInchiBond Encapsulates properties of InChI Bond.
JniInchiInput Encapsulates structure input for InChI generation.
JniInchiInputInchi Encapsulates input for InChI to structure conversion.
JniInchiOutput Encapsulates output from InChI generation.
JniInchiOutputStructure Encapsulates output from InChI to structure conversion.
JniInchiStereo0D Encapsulates properites of InChI Stereo Parity.
JniInchiWrapper JNI Wrapper for International Chemical Identifier (InChI) C++ library.
Main Simple test class, for debugging purposes.

Enum Summary
INCHI_BOND_STEREO Enumeration of InChI 2D stereo definitions.
INCHI_BOND_TYPE Enumeration of InChI bond type definitions.
INCHI_KEY Type-safe enumeration of InChI return codes.
INCHI_KEY_STATUS Type-safe enumeration of InChIKey check return codes.
INCHI_OPTION Type-safe enumeration of InChI options.
INCHI_PARITY Enumeration of InChI 0D parities.
INCHI_RADICAL Enumeration of InChI radical definitions.
INCHI_RET Type-safe enumeration of InChI return codes.
INCHI_STEREOTYPE Enumeration of InChI 0D parity types.

Exception Summary
JniInchiException Exception thrown by JniInchi.

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